An integrated digital and physical programme of exhibitions to inspire any and all to engage with modern and contemporary art. Through the use of technology we seek to break down the barriers between physical and digital art, bring the online exhibition experience much closer to reality and to take our real life exhibitions beyond the “white cube” gallery space.


<I Am Not a Robot>

Location: Dubai, UAE

As we emerge fully from the pandemic, when we finally become free to engage in all of our old rituals of bonding, how do we shake ourselves out of newly-formed isolationist habits, thinking and feelings? We have been so reliant on technology to make and maintain human connection in these recent years, do we even remember how to form human-to-human bonds when not in front of a screen? Will we only achieve this if we purge ourselves of our technology crutch, or have we now become bionic; so intertwined with technology that it is an essential enabler, something that enhances and improves our ability to reach out and feel?
In <I’m Not A Robot>, six artists explore the role of technology in our lives; in making us feel, in art itself and in the feelings it evokes. The works of these celebrated international artists blur the barriers between physical and digital art, pushing between the human and the machine: some combine the two and co-create with technology, whilst others push against it as a barrier – something we now hide behind to avoid the need to feel and to face our human obligations head on.


BENEATH: A Solo Exhibition By Nick Veasey

Dates: 8th July – 7th August

Location: Dubai, UAE

In a world obsessed with “image”, Nick Veasey’s work breaks through the surface and shows us what’s beneath; behind the mask of the superhero, hidden under the skin of high-fashion and secreted by sleek supercar facades. From lethal levels of radiation emerges the beautiful architecture of life itself and ghostly, gentle images of the framework that makes up the icons of our modern society. His works allow us to journey into a world otherwise hidden and unseen.

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