Born from a life of passion for art and years as collectors ourselves, Galloire works within the world of modern and contemporary art to bring the best international talent to the Middle East and to make their work available locally.

With an experienced team which includes artists, gallerists and collectors, we aim to bring a broader audience to art and make discovering, connecting with and collecting world-class artists’ work more transparent and accessible – better serving artists, existing collectors and those new to contemporary art.

Our international network allows us to offer a curated selection of sought-after unique and limited-edition artworks via our online store – whether you are a collector looking for specific artist’s work or someone wanting to make a first investment in art with confidence. Through our Galloire X programme, we also collaborate with leading artists to craft and release new, affordable, highly-collectible limited edition prints, multiples and unique works on paper.

This is all interwoven with our ongoing exhibition programme, where we regularly exhibit work from some of the most exciting international artists in their fields. Whether focussed on blue-chip, well-established or emerging artists, our exhibitions aim to highlight international artists, often being exhibited in the Middle East for the first time.

Omni Channel

We believe in the wider reach and egalitarian nature of art exhibited digitally, so our online and physical programmes are integral to one another. We are continuously investing to improve the digital experience and bring it closer to that of seeing physical works in real life.

We believe in breaking down the barriers between physical and digital art forms, so great talent and creativity is equally respected regardless of the medium artists are working in. In turn, our platform welcomes, incorporates and exhibits a full range of artists from the physical and digital visual arts worlds.

We believe in the impact of art as an experience, whether it be your first moment standing in front of a breath-taking painting or a first-time engagement with a new immersive installation. In turn, our programme will see us exhibit in a variety of physical spaces, pushing beyond the “white cube” gallery, allowing our artists and visitors to explore new environments.


Reasons To Invest in Contemporary Art

Reasons To Invest in Contemporary Art

The contemporary art market has undergone major development over the past two decades. It has opened internationally to new regions, new narratives and practices, increased numbers of female artists, and affordable artworks. With the internet as its driving force, the...

The Ever-Increasing Pace of Online Art Sales

The Ever-Increasing Pace of Online Art Sales

As the old saying goes, “the only constant is change,” and no more applicable aphorism could be applied to the art market. New ideas, technologies, and approaches continue to impact not only how artists create but how we as collectors and enthusiasts attain that art....

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